Kurd E1chenwald dresses in brown face to make fun of Dreamers (satirical) Don’t sue me bro- it’s a joke-I swear

edit* listen how he says ‘Ay Dios mio‘ my mexican accent is 6gorillion times more authentico. His accent is so fake.  Listen to how he says skin and staff. A genuine Mexican accent drops a schwa before nouns that start with a S fricative  ∂-stomach.

“I had an e-stomach ache” and the way he says DACA like it’s Taca(o). Roughly true that the spanish d sounds closer to our t- but it is closer to the diphthong in this vs think as in this rather than a sharp high T 

They aren’t even trying,

also Kurt:




Pretty sure that every chubs guest Tuck has is kurt. It’s not my fault your code cracked.