is the reason for mass immigration is because British men aren’t willing to rape Jess Phillips?

idk. It seems to be a huge problem in Britain. No one is willing to rape Jess Phillips. 


is this what they mean when they say immigrants are doing the jobs natives won’t do?  And yet, even the imports will not rape Jess Phillips.  Maybe this rapey job doesn’t pay better than welfare? Idk. 

Even Morrissey cries at the plight of ol’ Jess: 


well, Idk, but I can tell you one big fat embarrassing thing, the threat of not being raped, being found offensive, is without a doubt misogynist.  98% of women DO not want to be raped. To suggest otherwise is authoritarian clown-world. They have to get back in their little car and drive straight away into the quicksand of their Gods. 

Come at me clown, I am already bored by you. Been binging on that good old fellow anglo, Morrissey. He is a mick though isn’t he? That’s okay.  

Jess, I won’t share you, your marxism has failed and your will be revealed for the malicious clown you are. I can thank you for one thing, teaching to me to be as merciless as you have always been. this is my time…

Sorry, not sorry , Jess, keep trying to break into the grunge movement in Seattle. You may as well try to figure out how dear old Kurt pulled the trigger with his pinky-toe. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.49.46 PM

trust Kurt, nothing goes wrong when you trust a jewess. Nothing will go wrong when you sell your soul. Look at Kurt! What a goy! What a guy!

In sisterhood, Jess, your sisterhood sincerely hopes you can find what you are looking for. While Carl Benjamin is not up to the job, maybe Corbyn will? 

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.57.11 PM.png

Maybe, fatty, (pretty sure “feminist” is feel-good code for fat), maybe fatty-mc-Fat-Jess, you can get some tips from the little school girls you refuse to protect, while you whine on about no one wanting to rape you. 

As a woman, I would love to hear how you fail to protect the girl children of England while at the same time sounding a national alarm because not even your invading pets are willing to rape you. 

Like the rest of the world, Jess, even if I had the proper equipment, I would not exchange bodily fluids with you of my own free will. I do think it would be super-progressive and a real sign of feminine empowerment and “yes we can!” If you could put a bullet in your brain via the pinky toe on your foot at the end of a rifle. Talk about markswomynship. Do it for us Jess.  Do it because you are a leader. Do it because you never want a another woman to suffer under your leadership. 


Be the Britain you believe in, show us the way Jess. Pull the trigger first. Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.05.40 AMJess is upset because no one will rape her? The human -non-reptilians all say:  Go back to hell Jess, where you belong,

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.09.03 AM

Kurt says go to hell Jess

The slippery-slope is wypipo fallacy jus’ like inertia! Merde! ooo la la la la

You honestly have to have an I.Qunder 6 million to srsly believe that a slippery slope is even a real. If you believe slipper sloppies are real, you de facto believe dykes are real and they aren’t just ladies who think, “I actually prefer endless desert over a husband.”


Pie is delicious after all!

I vulgar science!!!

Science Says Me! Inertia

So wait- wut? Ay- hol’ up. Science be sayin’ that slipperdey sloppin’ be inevitablizizzle unless it hits against oppositional-shizzle? 


Ain’t nobody got time for that. Gnome I’m sayin?


still shot from Snoop Dog’s porn dayze- obvie not Weinsteined guy

Think about it! Srsly! If slippity-slopes or inertia my nizzitia was real than we would have things like this: 


Who are you? Someone charged with the protection of children and families ya dumb f@ggot welfare queen

Turned into the things we were promised would never happen.


Don’t like your children being threatened with rape and evil bigot? What is wrong with you? They are just like us! Why keep them in the closet?

Maybe science, like race, is a real? Nah! couldn’t be! That is straight up child-abuser-phobia!


They don’t call us races for nothing; Stop the Syrian campaign and embrace the Boer

We should align with Assad and evict ZOG. Americans as in real Americans have no business in the ME. We don’t want world control we simply want to be left alone.

We want all groups to prosper.

Contact your local representative and demand that we rescue the Boers from their dilemma.  End this madness. Put a wall around Africa and save our souls!


we’ve had more than enough. Let them Zimbabwe themselves but save the worthy. Save those that bring order and beauty into the world.