One Thing that I think is a bit odd about the whole Heimbach affair/Traditional Worker’s Sumpin’ or Another

I don’t want to wade into the whole optics debate- because I know what I think super matters to anyone living anywhere- lol. 

I just talk to myself because someone has to talk to me- but somebody riddle me this_ (I know I underscored for _no_reason_I like to_underscore). Following my logic, it will have to me who solves the riddle and sothereforehithertowhatever: follow accordingly


Don’t worry! I have my white sisterhood and my people totally have my back! Whew!


Whomst would one call in a heated domestic crisis?

BNM_29-05-2014_NEWS_04_Domestic and family violence flowchart_t620

Weird how the SPLC hate factory is not listed



When I put on my thinking cap, I thinkst this is all a bit whatish. I might cALL MY MOM. I MIGHt call a bestie or a sib. If I was in a position to flee to a Fema camp  Walmart and I was not a gentlewoman of color peace-officer on raiding mission- 

New Orleans Police Looters 2

Our beautiful diversity!



If I was instead a baloney-brained and angry person who found my life on a white-supremacisissm-reservation trope too tiresome to maintain- I might call the people responsible for putting me there to let them know I am going off the res.


CaveBeast in its natural habitat

I know fo’ shizzle my shillzel, that I would not call people who hate me. I would call my employer and let them know if I could not come into work on Monday.


thanks for all you have done for us

But our bloody good-friends who were kind enough to check off all the anti-white aggressive stereotypes did just that. Let’s take a look at the histrionic Heimbachs for just a moment. Let us regard them in all their white people who for whatever crazy reason don’t want to be tortured ridiculousness (defacto white sumpremacists- meaning whites that come with sour-cream and guacamole or as some would say is the equivalent of delicious but fatty)


Kill Whitey! Yay!

Blue check marks follow: 


Twitter is marking jews with their updated version of the star of david.

Lives in Trailer Park.

  We all know making fun of poor people is wrong unless they are white.


It’s always funny to see white people suffer and exploit them. Thanks for civilization shabbos goy and now you die!


Humping family members.

   Despite whites being low-frequency in this regard; still a favorite accusation.


The never-ending assault from everyone who seeks to live among us for some reason



     Attractive white people de facto love to have their culture destroyed and their way of life purged to make way for the enslavement and torture of all other peoples.



I found this image by searching for ‘unattractive white people’ Idk she looks pretty attractive to me. But then again she has committed the crime of whiteness. I like this crime.

Nerding out in public.


Servility wins!

    Not wanting your people and culture and being the light of compassion unto the world is only the domain of spergs who don’t bother to have the dignity of rear-end coverage. Don’t worry though these good reasonable friends are not taking pictures and talking to feds. And the Feds are not on a genocidal mission because they are super not complicit. They love everyone. If they didn’t love blacks why would they dump all those weapons and drugs on their laps? I mean come on!


The dual citizens dumped the agents for pain they crave on ole whitey and ole blackey We want our country back


In conclusion: 

The only sensible answer to this Heimbach affair is that this cartoons are real in my mind goy example of white people who are so hatefully anti-genocide is that the Heimbach dynasty would not have been rewarded by the hate factory aka SPLC to act out this humiliation of white people dreams so real.

There is absolutely no way that the humper or humpee or whomstevah that ran to Walmart for safety and called the  SPLC straighst awayst was nost telling themst that “I canst workst for youst no morst”.

THat would be insane to pull the plug on the instigator of your personal hellst.