No Crying Here; Five Years

when I was a kid- well I often spooked people. Then I grew-up and I often spooked people.



My mom, who besides being an accomplished farmer, is an accomplished musician,  has mastered this song and played it to me because she thinks I am an oddity. I am not odd. But it is true, that as a kid when we were moved around the old farmhouse we developed in, I literally changed the temperature levels when I moved bedrooms. It was measured but never explained. This is also why I struggle with sister-resentment.

do you have an explanation for something like that? I don’t. I avoid. “This one belongs to the world, not to us” which I always resented. my mom also would constantly compare me to Buffy the vampire slayer, despite the major lack of media that we were allowed to engage in.

Idk anymore. Who cares? 


but my toes touching the loam are telling me it’s less than five year when we balkanize.


but it’s  a good thing.


I am so small but have coined so many powerful phrases. I give all europeans a great big hug and the courage to embrace our beauty! 

I love us!


How Epstein Feels To me




Someday, I may describe how I feel stalked by this woman. What it feels like now, Epstein will find himself on the wrong side of a new guard’s shank.

But he’s already considered this. His very vengeful nature already know about this. His typical revenge will be more destructive than he could have ever imagined to his own agenda.

We have to stay grounded through the challenge.

We will have to become adult in a way that we have though we could avoid. Because we were rooked into thinking we could be soft.

It’s time to be adults. It will be more fun but also more work than we ever thought.

The days of childish blindness and flubby-gooey are over.

Welcome to the world of responsibility.

is the reason for mass immigration is because British men aren’t willing to rape Jess Phillips?

idk. It seems to be a huge problem in Britain. No one is willing to rape Jess Phillips. 


is this what they mean when they say immigrants are doing the jobs natives won’t do?  And yet, even the imports will not rape Jess Phillips.  Maybe this rapey job doesn’t pay better than welfare? Idk. 

Even Morrissey cries at the plight of ol’ Jess: 


well, Idk, but I can tell you one big fat embarrassing thing, the threat of not being raped, being found offensive, is without a doubt misogynist.  98% of women DO not want to be raped. To suggest otherwise is authoritarian clown-world. They have to get back in their little car and drive straight away into the quicksand of their Gods. 

Come at me clown, I am already bored by you. Been binging on that good old fellow anglo, Morrissey. He is a mick though isn’t he? That’s okay.  

Jess, I won’t share you, your marxism has failed and your will be revealed for the malicious clown you are. I can thank you for one thing, teaching to me to be as merciless as you have always been. this is my time…

Sorry, not sorry , Jess, keep trying to break into the grunge movement in Seattle. You may as well try to figure out how dear old Kurt pulled the trigger with his pinky-toe. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.49.46 PM

trust Kurt, nothing goes wrong when you trust a jewess. Nothing will go wrong when you sell your soul. Look at Kurt! What a goy! What a guy!

In sisterhood, Jess, your sisterhood sincerely hopes you can find what you are looking for. While Carl Benjamin is not up to the job, maybe Corbyn will? 

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.57.11 PM.png

Maybe, fatty, (pretty sure “feminist” is feel-good code for fat), maybe fatty-mc-Fat-Jess, you can get some tips from the little school girls you refuse to protect, while you whine on about no one wanting to rape you. 

As a woman, I would love to hear how you fail to protect the girl children of England while at the same time sounding a national alarm because not even your invading pets are willing to rape you. 

Like the rest of the world, Jess, even if I had the proper equipment, I would not exchange bodily fluids with you of my own free will. I do think it would be super-progressive and a real sign of feminine empowerment and “yes we can!” If you could put a bullet in your brain via the pinky toe on your foot at the end of a rifle. Talk about markswomynship. Do it for us Jess.  Do it because you are a leader. Do it because you never want a another woman to suffer under your leadership. 


Be the Britain you believe in, show us the way Jess. Pull the trigger first. Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.05.40 AMJess is upset because no one will rape her? The human -non-reptilians all say:  Go back to hell Jess, where you belong,

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.09.03 AM

Kurt says go to hell Jess

Courage Beauty Power Prayer: What’s the Difference?


You are only here as a captured soldier. The Cathars were right.

Saint Micheal the Archangel Defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the (((devil))).

(weird-looks like Market St)

May God rebuke him.




We humbly pray.



And to thou o prince of the heavenly hosted by the divine power of God


amazing that we can still find pictures of us



Cast into hell satan and all the evil sprits who roam  through the world seeking the ruin of souls. 






Every rising and every noon and every supper pray this to Archangel Michael 

St. Michael does not fear the low IQ machete wielder. He smites with the very shined sword. He loves our people.




we should have been paying attention to the shepherds of our spirits instead of the demons of our downfall. Never forget how weak the unnatural are. Never forget they have no place here and they anger nature.





I for one and for two am pretty tired of this lolli-collecter doing whatever neon thing he does and David Bowie wants to just be happy ffs

Holy cow! I can’t find a decent version of “I feel love” by some Kraut that Donna Summer sang; and is a great achievement by both of them. Instead all I can find is some Bowie plea of praise to Andrew Anglin.



there is only one thing that matters in this buggy post: It is Bishop Fulton. Love him as he is the key to freeing yourself. Ignore my nonsense.

Whitey! Do the Hustle! or Picture This!

Genocidal ADL

If someone knows of a jewish holiday that DOES NOT CELEBRATE GENOCIDE  let me know. I have not been able to find one. Imagine growing-up with the ideology that you are superior and genocide is the reason for every celebratory season.  These are the people behind anti-apartheid while they embrace it for themselves.

If South Africa has made one thing unavoidably clear it is : Gibs has always been the goal and never ever equality.

Whitey being the only people of empathy and coöperation has really tried to retardedly explain and educate. This kind of thinking is as redoubtably retard strength of a bunch of honey bees giving wasps a semester worth of ‘honey-comb’ building and these bugs:


Termite nest


Honey Bees teach Termites not to destroy with TED talk. And suddenly they go from destroying your home to being the very source of your food.


The honey-bees have never successfully turned termites into bees. It’s almost as if culture is a by-product of biology.

But imagine this whitey: imagine the beauty you are capable of .


Even if you are like me, navigating over needles, degenerates, hostile jealous-bellies- hold a vision of your most beautiful world in your mind. It’s absurd to think hocus pocus is nonsense. It means the same thing as ‘amen’ which means ‘and so it is’. Don’t feel bad if our greatest allies convinced you that your “five” senses or most material filter of the external are a valuable litmus test in this spiritual war. They practice the hocus and the pocus. Even wrote a book about it, the Talmud


Every gibs-warrior or gibs=organization against “inequality” has not only given zero f^cks about white folks in South Africa, but refused to even consider that white lives have any value- the very same people that they have to invade our communities or it is a death-knell- that we owe them f-all! We are supposed to give and give and give and our lives don’t deserve consideration.


We are here to exploit you. We are here to spy on you. We are here to destroy your community. We are here to make you bow down to us. We are here to enforce our communism. We are here to destroy your culture you racists! CIA even admits that the ethnicity is the highest currency for turning “American Citizens” of Chinese ethnicity into spies against America. But you are the bigot white boy!

this is where I disagree with St. Anglin of Trollandia, our funniest martyr, misses one salient point about grills, or rather the right kind of grill.

Pro-whites have executed many successful anti-genocide campaigns

Well done. But this is not how you win the lunch table. Some people think the earth is a globe, some people think the earth is flat: 


Science! or Toxoplasmosis! Who can say?

the earth is a lunch-table desiring a früher


The popular-grill knows so well the plight of the white, abused, mis-characterized, villainized,out of craven jealousy that makes the weak think they have the right to harm you and will somehow make them pretty.

While there have been noble and smart efforts to slow the horrific,cruel, inhumane, and insanely termite-like greediness against whites- it’s not enough.


Remember those that are jealous of you feel they have the OBLIGATION  to hurt you

Muh beautiful crackas!


imagine this: you get to live in a world with the same civil rights as everyone else! the same civil rights that you alone brought to the world.


The most important and humane tenet that Anglos alone introduced into the world. We are allowing ourselves to be punished for this? We are logos! We are OUR God’s expression. WE are strong and righteous. We don’t rely on deception because we are not parasitical. We can survive quite well on our own. Charging us with the well-being of the world is colonialism and we will not abide.  Go back home to your daddy-Hymie. Your ugly is boring.

You get self-determination!


You are not subjected to racially hostile workshops at your place of employment!


You are not expected to be servile to an invading horde here to exploit you for their own enrichment.


Two ugly jews super not pretending to be genocidal and anti-white. Very convincing.

You are not hunted. You can enjoy your own people without the ethno-state ADL vampires!  As in 



You can practice your nature of improving systems and enjoying creating beautiful things. You can come home from work and tinker on on favorite hobby instead of installing ever-more security systems for the people of brown but of no empathy.




We work at work and then we come home and work on our hobbies and help people how to learn to work. Because we don’t beat on people and rob people and sling drugs we are evil. They call us white; and often joke about us as though we are lacking something for not being all brown all the time. We are actually the only real people of color.


We are the only people who wonder what our children’s eye-color or hair-color will be.


It’s past time to be kindly or gentle. THat won’t work. It’s time to be grilly aggressive. 


Put these aggressors on their feeble back-heels where they belong. Interrupt them when they give their speeches. “Why did you come here then? ” ask the immigrant. “Would you like me to aggress in your country? “


Should I be allowed to buy up property in China? Run for office in Israel? Hang Teresa May in the UK? (okay, that last one is just a joke that everyone tells. So tired)


CCP operative Rose Pak that installed Ed Lee as Mayor of San Francisco against even his bug-man will.  Ethnic identity is the easiest way to recruit spies against ‘current citizenship’. We deserve this because why?  I could aggress against China this way?

Imagine being so relaxed that you didn’t have to deal with anti-white hateimagine walking down a street not littered with garbarge, imagine not being under attack, imagine being able to take your own side, imagine being able to relax, imagine having the freedom to be creative and happy!


Imagine not knowing what “LA Raza” was,

  or being more fluent in the language these invaders semi-speak in your own country, many cannot spell their own names in their native language, If we notice-we are evil, They have a right to us because why?  They are sure as green are not bettering our lives. They bring their trash. Trash. Trash. Trash.


You will never be clean again

No question that they want your women.

Blah and to the Blah. Imagine being on your own team surrounded by your own brothers and sisters.

Vienna is our literal jew-rules-um- it is our starting point

 Just let yourself feel that. Despite all your conditioning. Let yourself imagine- just for pretend-that you are allowed to be a happy worker bee in your own hive and are not tasked with termite education. 


Then make yourself imagine at least 3x a day every day until it becomes a constant.


The terribly ugly and aggressive jews do hold a certain amount of truth.  They understand that a people are the expression of their own god. I don’t think they care if they win or lose being they are chaos. They do believe in magic They do believe in holding your ideal in your mind can bring it into being. They don’t want you to believe in magic. Because goy you are 6 gorillion times stronger and that is why you don’t have to be a faker. Picture This:


Imagine civil rights until we have them.


accept that no matter how “nice” you try to be you will always be seen as the target.



Beat them to the punch. Don’t call them racist because that is such a baloney word. call them anti-white. Call them what they really are: exploiters, leeches, people with absolutely no right to us, con-artists, cry-babies, a literal virus. 


Mass Ado About Nothing; or maybe a little sumpin’ and sumpin; Look at me I am the Catholic Now!

yaycatholics.jpgI go to mass not infrequently. It’s kind of weird for me because I am not Catholic. I would not like to become Catholic. I will always be a natural WASP, which is code for elite pagan.

 Just because above vidya makes me feel so lovely and WASPY. Such a good fee

ADL- or proto ADL-  such fighters for intestines! Donate today!

There is only one kind of mind that springs for a slippery and sandy lack of foundation that can birth this evil. I won’t tell you what kind of mind it is. I will hints you. It is born of slippery. It knows nothing of logos-or love-or beauty. Kind of like a tick or the opposite of the arctic. Worthless and yet cloying. Disclaimer: the lying fascist author of this blog post said nothing about Ben Shapiro who is NOT a super-evil little weasel. Shame on you and your grandma. Also send your grandma Ben B. Shapiro’s scholarship to geriatric porn-empowerment.

I love catholics. TheIr f@priesclass-not so much.  The Catholics don’t make me want to stand up and scream: “WTf are you talking about? Christ died for 30 damn shekels! Same reason they kill most people!

Judas coins 2



I sat with a couple of European friends- not eternal anglos like me.  Actually lady friends whomst werst raisest in Europeist.


I tried to be very polite when the boring loony-goon “priest”  cried on and on about how we should donate money for his brave mission to bring savages into our homes to destroy us.

To my surprise, my tall and blonde and european,and in their own way f@ggot dear-friends,who I have to always be super careful around because you know- I am a super-nazi (which means a neon-nazi that comes with sour-cream and guacamole) Anyway,the taller one leans over and whispers very loudly, “It’s too much!” She didn’t even add what she usually does about every tiny thing “Don’t you think? 


I was careful not to nod so hard my head fell off! I couldn’t help but want to scream “I have been trying to tell you this!

But can grills be f@ggotry? Pretty sure the answer is yes.


But what surprised me even more is the two older single American-looking women sitting down the pew from us. I guess boomers. Seemed to be infected with the same strange giggle-fest as ourselves when we were listening to a polyester-draped wanna-be homo (cheap vestments protruding, disgraceful priest),  explain to us about the great violent people in Africa that we can send billions of our dollars to, so as  they can take exams! 


Absolute proof that I am incapable of understanding men that would like congress with these test-takers

Very moving! We should be moved and what? Oh,feel very sad that some exams were not graded because the lovely Africans decided to eat each other instead, goy monies and guilt needed ASAP for important exam testing!


Yay! Kuru!

I paid extra neon-supremacist attention (which costs extra) to see if this delight of boomer-f@ggotry priestender would mention the plight of S. Effrika. 


Not a single word.

I thought about asking to join his special f@ggot brigade to bring exams!  to the children of black cannibals but with a racist request of examining how we can make sure after we save the Boer that those future-farmers of Starvation Africa bother us no more.


I decided against it. I did something I have always chided tall friend for- I took communion. 


I had noticed our polyester clad prince of subversions eyes dancing upon me; during his Jordan Peterson on grant money for exams funding begging hour.

Jewish High Priest.jpg

Lol! like this is not a subversive agent. We never do this foulness on them. How evil are they?


I used this opportunity to create theatrical and entertaining signs of disapproval with my eyes and my nose and my lips. Not super fancy but just enough to make him stutter. To make him doubt he read the right memo. 

AngelOfMe (1).jpg

Meanwhile, we very respectable looking ladies are contagiously giggling up a derisive storm. 

Personally, I felt I deserved a high tea for my efforts of restraint and simultaneous allegiance to beauty and love.


Instead I took Catholic communion as an act of aggression against the McCain-francis Class of Globo-homo. FFS I know how to take communion. because people. This time was the best time ever though! 


I think this is not exactly Fr. Barney Franks but it is hard to tell. I am pretty sure that the priest had more f@ggot Tom Hanks face and less scared Gerbil (((f@gggot)) face. Idk. I am not one to blame a gay-gerbil to fear where they are headed. I do not understand the random giant tibby . But yes-pretty much- and when ployester-f@ggots with fake vestments and fake doctrines try to assume your people morals- well they are standing on quicksand and it is easy to push them under. Kinda fun too.

After listening to this smug jerk tell me how not only should I let savages invade and destroy my people I should pay for it because they have some wild exam hunger. After that. After catching his eyes and looking derisively backafter making him shuffle and stutter—


Look how they stalk us! Like this greasy perv is a gentile! Why do we tolerate their constant persecution? All they live for is to harm others. Don’t believe me? Read Deuteronomy. Don’t take my word for it; take theirs.

As an eternal protestant/elite-faced pagan ambassador I took this cannibal cracker of Christ (tasted poorly-as alwaysand looked that lump down like a determined Somalian who is not interested in lies any more. I told now Montraelean Canadista

auntiecanada copy1

I realize I pretty much doxxed myself by posting this mock-up of my auntie. You may have heard it- but you didn’t hear it from me- if you ever find yourself in a lampshade-shoppe in Montreal run by a woman with a crooked photo-shopped mouth and a birthmark on her forehead that resembles a spiral water-mark who has nothing to say; back away slowly, tell her that you too find her niece very charming and hit a quick bellamy salute to avoid being next-weeks special, of course if you have beautiful skin that is

auntie and before I could even spill the guts of the story she said like “Captain Phillip? ” and I said yes and if this is not right.  If you notice I cannot be arsed to look up the name of some demon movie from Hollywood- you are catching on!


Here is me and my most glorious communion with the idea that my people throw off their shekels! OH! and loser has very similar groace-face to Tom ? Balamy? Cruise? OH no hanks. Who cares? 

I srsly make the best docudramas ever. I mean srsly. How many complicated whatever-nots have I made? I had a very sincere since of pride when I said, “I am the Catholic now!” bc he super didn’t know I was a teasing soup-taker.


Another (((larper))) picture this face looking straight on. You will find a droopy nose and bat ears. No pagan of mine! The stalking is so weird.


I encourage you in every way and every day to find the smallest ways that make the most profound impact to let these abusive demons know that you are the catholic now. 


“The eye-beams knoweth” Emerson



It takes so little to rattle these demons because they know they don’t belong here. 


Your God already blesses you! You cannot escape being the child of your God and God loves your ever cell.



My tears for Sky-king: I got your backa my cracka


don’t breaka my hearta ya cracka!

I am not sure the alt-media has this guy’s story nailed -downed. As soon as I started to see the media reports, I knew from a based-belly feel, I did not want to hear the audio.

His voice though, his sweetness, his my-peopleness. THe way the (((msm))) gaslights us and has only aggression and wants to kill us. Rejoices in the misery they cause.


See how great and noble savages vibrant you mayo-mutts?


I suspect his problems were deeper than your average attacked cracka.

 One of the beauty parts about recognizing that you are an attacked cracka, is it comes with a sense of duty and purpose. 


You become solderiezed


and realize there are a million and one tiny-papercuts of ways you can advocate for your fam-fam. That every single time you do it is tiny triumph and just like water you can cut great canyons. 


I get picked on by all kinds of people. People who, for whatever creepy reason (they are the embodiment of evil but let’s pretend for this blog-cast we don’t know) stalk us and lurk in our groups and pretend to be us. like an entire race of groace unwanted advances. Whatever. Nobody cares. #metoogoyimstyle lol


But I did listen to this walking home. And I did break like a chicken egg filled with some weird flu-vaccine. I did have a long way to walk. I did stop and rest against a wall. I was grateful that by the blessing of diversity no one would notice my suffering that I find shameful. I ended-up crying for a long time about this. 

Today I also thought about this:

Lord only knows what led up to this incident. oh but whitey gets witch-hunted. like I am expected to believe he went into this do-nut store for the explicit reason of harassing the nasty person who called him b1tch? Black people say that magic word as if they have diarrhea of the mouth and will die if they don’t say it every half a second. They say it in public. They say it to me. But if a white person says it they fall out like a busted out sagger that has to run with triangle legs from the cops?  WHY?

why do we tolerate this? 

Why can I not say- “I got your backa my cracka!” and fist bump or nod or raise an eyebrow to my brethren? Why can I not take a stick and draw half a fish in the sand in front of me and have my fellow cracka draw the other half? 


WE all know what is going on. we all know. we all are part of a particular spiritual body. Never underestimate the profound effect that advocating for your brethren will have on their beleaguered souls. however small the act. remember that most of our innate communication is very subtle indeed. We are not the (((globo-homos))) of foul hysteria.


Listen through your belly and hear the beautiful hum of your people. A hum that builds honey-combs and the whole world depends on. Remember to be strong. Remember your purpose and that your greatest weapon is joy.


Wise up white man and sing your own song




And of course:

This is the arresting beauty of us.  

This is our unique and glorious culture.

This is the beauty that everyone else wants to destroy and benefit from.

Everyone of you that is a genetic expression of this profound love has an obligation to live loudly and joyfully.

(post script: had to reload this bc wordpress must be staffed by idiots with man-buns and wouldn’t let me media right)

WE need to do a lot of things; but this is what we need to do first

we need laws that require political candidates to disclose if they are dual citizens, if they are eligible” for dual citizenship in every single appearance, press-conference, and publication they produce.


What did HuffPo mean by this? 

that is basic fairness and civility. small claims court has higher standards for disclosure than our ‘representatives‘.

salemhitler copy

I would guess that there is not enough time between the mid-terms and today to enact such a law. there is more than enough time however to get this into the public consciousness before the mid-terms. 




This is easy to talk about w/ the not-as-asleep as you think- normies. “Yeah, Idk, I mean I am not saying anything, but for example if I moved to Russia, and had to vote against American interests, that might be hard for me. I mean honestly, it would be red flag if someone didn’t want to disclose this info. It just seems, you know, super-predatory and dishonest. tbh, Idk, it’s just super-rapey, you know? But whatever…”


amazing that we can still find pictures of us

Granted my above eloquent speech really only speaks to grill on grill politics. As I have said 6 gorillion times, you can only build what is already inside you.  What you were born with.


We are not WSPs with their filthy homes; we are not ants with their content farms. We are the builders. We are the bee. We are the ones that feed the world and without us the world cannot survive

But any fellas reading this will- and if convinced will know how to translate this into their language.

This humble and genteel request for basic decency.

Brace for the Hilarity


It’s time to play now

the feathers on my angel wings are a-tingling this ante meridian. So supposedly, there is some Unite the White 2.0 afoot.


Mother Nature still hiding her power-level as she sends fantastic foot-soldier to tell uppity Satan and his children, “bye Felicia” I’m pretty sure that is the Hart-Cellar Act pictured at bottom left.

totes legit. totes organic. By organic of course I mean contains carbon.

Let’s break that down:

c is for down right cilly

a is for aaaay whatevah

r is for rolling in the lulz

b is for быть

o is for oh rilly? annuda shoah?

n if for ‘nother one of your nazi false       flags? lol! At least you recycle your lies. 


thanks to my expert research on the science! we can all see that this particular manifestation of artisanal alt-rightism, poorly prepared by the swamp creatures, will be a star-studded gala of chaotic f@ggotry.




 simply by analyzing the raw data and running it through algorithms, (Science!, Raw-data, Algorithms,and f@ggotry are all very hard to understand [unlike the truth which is always simple and can be explained in under 30 seconds] so don’t even try little goy.


HuffPo! What could you possibly have meant by this? 

I know I share your views and everyone elses, that the original Lottie’s Ville shin-dig was an unmitigated success.  I owe my fame as a docudrama maker-lady to that glorious parade as I have previously pasted. Here is the clip:


wow! such award winning! much expert!

if you want the full version please send six million dollars to: 1122 Boogie-Woogie Avenue, Ethnically Cleansed,California 91666


Bud, the real reason my wings were a-twitching and I had to break from my enjoyable and previously prescribed task to poast in strange baby-interwebs-speak is in their attempts to demonize white people they are going to do something ridiculously funny. or at least hysterical. These people are the source of hysteria. That’s the only thing they are faithful to.


look for the exploit. Remember that we hold the Ace in logos.



If you want to win this war against us you have to start to think like a 12-year old girl who wants something very badly; or die with your principles