No Crying Here; Five Years

when I was a kid- well I often spooked people. Then I grew-up and I often spooked people.



My mom, who besides being an accomplished farmer, is an accomplished musician,  has mastered this song and played it to me because she thinks I am an oddity. I am not odd. But it is true, that as a kid when we were moved around the old farmhouse we developed in, I literally changed the temperature levels when I moved bedrooms. It was measured but never explained. This is also why I struggle with sister-resentment.

do you have an explanation for something like that? I don’t. I avoid. “This one belongs to the world, not to us” which I always resented. my mom also would constantly compare me to Buffy the vampire slayer, despite the major lack of media that we were allowed to engage in.

Idk anymore. Who cares? 


but my toes touching the loam are telling me it’s less than five year when we balkanize.


but it’s  a good thing.


I am so small but have coined so many powerful phrases. I give all europeans a great big hug and the courage to embrace our beauty! 

I love us!


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