So I graduated from a sh1t-tier School

Which has never really bothered me.  I have talked about this before. It’s probably boring. School weirdly became hard for me when puberty began. A lot of things are weird when puberty kicks in. This powerful force is part of the reason I think people have gotten away with saying ‘racism is learned‘. Nope. 


I was doing great until high school started. Then it became glaringly apparent that me being in High School was just plain silly. My parents had other kids and I have a strong-will. So whatever. I begged and pleaded and whined and the school was on board and I was allowed to go far away to a place I thought was ‘glamorous’ the bane of my existence forever. As soon as I think something is ‘glamorous’ means I am about to make a really stupid decision. Estrogen is a hell of a drug.


I came back about 9 months later. Part of the sell to my parents was I was accepted into a very selective school and I had family in the area although distant; in that it was my grandparents and aunties and uncles. Never-the-less I managed to fall in love and get completely over-whelmed. If you think about what was happening to me biologically it makes perfect sense. But we had out-thought human nature and whatever.

Nicole Del Castillo / University Communications

So I had to go home. Which was humiliating for many reasons. But ultimately turned to out to be one of the best things in my life. Life can be rude like that.

The big deal was that I had to finish my ‘education‘. As if. I received an alumni mag today. These f@ggots srsly think I want to donate to them. For the most part these go straight to the garbage. For some reason I flipped through it.


The humiliation of a sh1t-teir uni is not enough though. Apparently what now defines my university is being pro-Trayvon Martin. Apparently the chief defining qualifying requirement for acceptance is to be a 300lb mini-fridge. Okay. Good lord! 


It is proud to proclaim it is now a HSI uni. What is that you may ask?

Hispanic Serving Institution. 

For reals. Oh because these fridges think that magic dirt defines function.

 How is this mutually beneficial? Go to Hell.

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