Today is really hard

Today will continue to be really hard. 

But I am a WASP.  Actually a honey bee with wasps in her honeycomb.

I want to call my mom  but I can’t because she retardedly moved out of the country and I don’t really forgive her while at the same time am kind of grateful. She will want to ‘google hang-out’ and I am busy and fkthat

I want to call my one bestie but she is a WASP like me and I already know what she will say- “I’m sorry honey-why don’t you yoga or feng shui or something lame. And don’t forget to not complain.” 

I want to call my other bestie that abandoned me because I voted for Trump and believes that it’s okay to bomb London even though she is British. I think about telling her it’s no big deal how vile she was to me and angry she was about me sharing Black Pigeon Speaks videos and how she made a big show of defriending me but then when I think of it I can’t help but think of saying- You coward! You f^cking coward! You weakling! You scum! You were my friend? I don’t think so! You nearly fainted every time you came to my neighborhood bc diversity! Go home! And she is half Polish. I am not. I am anglo af. So I don’t.

Being Anglo is weird. I see many other people I care about and listen to describe things that I don’t have the capacity to share. I have to hold inside. The level of shame when I transgress is profound. 

I also know how powerful my people are. That our kindness has been mistaken for compliance.  If I-a Hello Kitty-type spoiled grill has learned to hate the rest of the anglo world has as well.  And we will hate like we do everything else- shockingly superior to the lame races.


Welp-Yup-I thought when this happened I would be more angry and less lolling.  How is war funny to me now? 

idk. idk. idk.

All I want to say now is “come at me f@ggot”. I am not a coward. I have bucked the baloney in real time

Today will still be hard. I will die. 

Not today though and never on my knees.

/pol/ rolling in deeper state lulz

You know when you are almost asleep and then you have this amusing thought so you start giggling yourself back awake and then end up making a blog post? Me too



So what pulled me back from the important brink of dreams was /pol/. I think it’s long been accepted by literally everyone that we would live in a transcendental world of joy and order if we canned congress and replaced the dual citizens on the supreme court. Of course the CIA and NSA would no longer be needed if we just put 4Chan in charge of everything. We hold this truth to be self-evident.


But what cracka’d me up was all of a sudden I thought not only would /pol/ do it for free they would do it in their spare time after their real jobs and it would be superior to our current government/deep state system and even lulzfull.  Because 4Chan They are that glorious.

There is nothing they can do when the western world puts their shoulder to the wheel.  We see the future and it is glorious.