Listen again-I’m Sorry Not Sorry that FFS if Molynjew isn’t a big liar why does he take so long to lie?

Or whatever? I mean I try to listen to the guy and don’t hate him overall.  But for ffs how does it take him 30 minutes to make a 30 second point?

And the revolting histrionics? And the divorce your retard family –as though some people’s families aren’t retarded? And bug-eyed jelly of guys with hair and goes ON about it. 

Lols. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a fake jew. I’m guessing he plugged that in when he still thought my ‘lamp-shade-soap-shoah‘ was a money-maker.

Yeah and I am super black. I am Angela Davis.Again I am a f@ggot that traveled around and lolibetarian. I’m an expert on your culture goy. Let me tell for you even as I will not take the risk of identifying as one of you that are marked for execution. 

Hey Moly how are you any different? You are a sloppy thinking wanna-be jew give me your shekels for my tear-eyes. 

Honestly- I could give a rat’s ass about being a descendant of the Society of Chads. I do care about your fake concern.  I do care about your fake philosophy. I am going to maybe encourage my neighbor to say something kind of porno to you – or maybe not. I am white not jewish.

Truth is always quick. It’s heavy. Don’t play with me mang.


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