Mainstream Media has all the insight of an unpopular adolescent girl.  They have the reverse of self-awareness.  If they weren’t so arrogant I would feel bad laughing at them.

They were promised a war and now they’re not going to get it! It’s really good for you to take a break from war-mongering though MSM.  You’ve developed an addiction and are not as immune as you believe. 

I have a life long policy of refusing to snoop on people in my life. I’ve never seen it end well for people who don’t hold the same hard line.  For one thing I believe that if the trust is that low in my relationship I feel the need to snoop the relationship is beyond repair. The second is I’ve seen friends do and it’s been done to me and it never ends well. 

People who snoop find evidence of what they suspect immediately. Whether it’s true or not. Yet despite all it’s yammering MSM has yet to come up with a single shred of evidence about Russian collusion or what that even means! Certainly they’ve tried. 

Nigel Farage a well-known British statesmen publicly campaigned for Trump. Why are we not gunning for war with England?

Of course we all know zog is forever cheating and lying and corrupting.

I have faith though that the good people of American and the good people of Russia will overcome this lying menace. Because well look at them!Maddow-Fail-800x416

Here Brian Stelter airs a segment where he whines to fellow gold-star reporter to ask: “What about MEEEEEEEEE????” Only to ignore the fairly sound advice offered to him. He airs this like his personal neurosis is news to American people. Insane and unattractive.





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