Before you burn your MAGA hat in despair


Remember why you became a redcap.  It was for this:


Not this:


It’s a culture war and we won more from Trump vs. Hillary than we could have ever dreamed possible. At the same time the answer is the plague of us! not him. We must remember why we fight. 

To be perfectly clear: I don’t know if  what he did will ultimately turn out to be wrong. I didn’t know until today that we were bombing an important tunnel system in Afghanistan. I don’t know that being unpredictable and heavy-handed won’t serve us. I also don’t know that Kushner and other ties to people that are heavily globalist is just a sign that we have been terribly betrayed. I don’t think so. 

I do know that Trump has always just been a symbol. We’re the movement. I honestly don’t think Trump hates Americans and I believe with all my heart a majority of our politicians do.  After all, they all have to proclaim allegiance to Israel.

We’ve always known that if we won, Thiwoulonlbth


of the great battle for are culture that everyone wants to steal. They don’t call it the human race for nuthin’ honey.

I think the Golden One sums up nicely how I feel. Although I don’t ‘disavow‘ rather I realign with the noble frog plague.  

No act of resistance is too small. Every inch is too much to give. We have to get very nepotistic. We have to speak up every time we have the opportunity. They don’t understand the way we think or behaveThey don’t have the capacity. We are the most creative and reserved. Chaos is easyOne of Alinsky’s  biggest rules is to bluff about your amount of numbers and powerThe inverse of the western mind. (If you haven’t read Alinsky’s demon manual, “Rules for Radicals” You must.

At the end of the day this is on us. Nobody will pop the bubble of poz for us. At the same time we are ultimately funnier, clearer-thinkers, way more creative, more interesting, and naturally better looking. There’s a reason everyone else in the world wants to come into our communities besides jealousy.  We have the most uniquely important weapon in the culture war; we are compelling.

Listen again-I’m Sorry Not Sorry that FFS if Molynjew isn’t a big liar why does he take so long to lie?

Or whatever? I mean I try to listen to the guy and don’t hate him overall.  But for ffs how does it take him 30 minutes to make a 30 second point?

And the revolting histrionics? And the divorce your retard family –as though some people’s families aren’t retarded? And bug-eyed jelly of guys with hair and goes ON about it. 

Lols. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a fake jew. I’m guessing he plugged that in when he still thought my ‘lamp-shade-soap-shoah‘ was a money-maker.

Yeah and I am super black. I am Angela Davis.Again I am a f@ggot that traveled around and lolibetarian. I’m an expert on your culture goy. Let me tell for you even as I will not take the risk of identifying as one of you that are marked for execution. 

Hey Moly how are you any different? You are a sloppy thinking wanna-be jew give me your shekels for my tear-eyes. 

Honestly- I could give a rat’s ass about being a descendant of the Society of Chads. I do care about your fake concern.  I do care about your fake philosophy. I am going to maybe encourage my neighbor to say something kind of porno to you – or maybe not. I am white not jewish.

Truth is always quick. It’s heavy. Don’t play with me mang.

You know I think we could use Hart-Cellar as some kind of legal basis for White-Safe-Zone


Sociopathic SOB lies to us about what will happen to our society. Listen to what he says. The Jews lied once again.  They promised it would not change our livesIt did. My city not only demands codified against whites civil servant tests. It demands anti-white people regulation with CCP and other ethnic groups. Scumbag LBJ  betrayed us. Scumbag LBJ made an oral contract that he did not uphold.



He changed our lives. He destroyed our communities . We need to sue these sons of bucks.  


I am quite cereal. I don’t super want to go on about this because this whole process is taking a lot of time and transcription. Believe it or not- I do other things besides act like a total “j3rk” on the internet. I also manage to find the time to make people I know that have prostrated their ‘small-bug-sized souls’ on the alter of Politically cucked-super uncomfortable -and pay a high price- Because you can’t always claim as Voltaire taught us- “Don’t beat me I am a metaphysician”. 

I think I will die alone under a bridge. The weird thing is I am pretty okay with that. I would rather die alone under a bridge than live my life on my knees. What are you going to do? I am quite sure I will be a fabulous looking hobo.

I currently see so many white hobos. Because our families are small by our nature and our countries have been invaded by people who hate us.I know I have complained about boomers but when I do I am not talking about the increasingly female boomers that I walk by with no family folding into themselves. 

Oops! Got super-ranty bc feels. Back to argument. Okay super-sadist LBJ lied to the American people. “Your life will not change” Our lives changed rather quickly. In my city- duper baloney lib toilet you don’t have to worry about knowing Spanish to get a job with the city you have to worry about knowing 中文 not to get a job as a translator but to get a job as a crossing-guard organizer or to work in the Department of Public Works 越南人 may also help.

LBJ the fancy doge-torturer 


More later so tired

Lol I’m a SnowN1gger

I’m fortunate in that my ancestors have carefully recorded our history. Seriously-I can look up about a million years of family heraldry just on the interwebs.  Maybe not a million but enough to make my eyes glaze over and think ‘Who are these people again?” They’re all English English English.  Despite the fact that I hail from the oldest families in America.  


My parents were still little kids when the Hart-Cellar act to destroy America was passed. (At that time 51% of the country could trace its roots back to the founders)  It actually shocks me how little diversity there is in my family tree. I remember some of my sibs complaining that ‘we’re so boooooring’ I defended us externally to them and half-heartedly because I was older and didn’t want them to feel bad but internally I agreed. We were boring. We didn’t have any fantastical dysfunction.  We  were annoyingly conscientious and concerned with the nature of the right action.

The only point of interest was that we have some snown1gger in us.  I grew-up with many Dala Horses in da house and Yule Goats at Christmas along with Ableskivers ( I will be posting that recipe and how to soon)

Of course I know that if you look fååår enough in my background you will find Danegeld North England raiders-I just never felt connected to it. Until a few days ago. I was making a birthday card for someone I love very much and bc reasons I wrote Happy Birthday in Danish. card copy.jpg

(Do you see the dag which is day is so close to the German Tag?)  I had this fairly cheap polka-dotted floral ribbon that I wanted to use up because I didn’t have enough to do a real project with. So I cut out the hearts and modge-podged them around the sentiment. Then I thought I would dot up the letters for cohesion. 

As the four readers of my blog already know I am always on about, you can only build what is already inside of you. As in culture is a byproduct of biology. I sat back surprised to realize when I had finished my card that unintentionally I had made a card with a snown1gger aesthetic.

I think it’s the first time I really felt connected to it.I mean I knew-I knew blah blah but I didn’t really see why I should care- like most of the powerful feels in my life it really surprised me.

I am now at the point where I can champion our British heritage with complete enthusiasm to my sibs. If I get the opportunity-when I get the opportunity. Not often. Of course they all think I am crazy- but I hold a special place in my family.  They think I am crazy but they also think I am right. 

My mother calls me her “magic 8ball daughter” that whenever she wants to divine the future she just has to shake me up.

Not really fair but it makes her happy. She is naturally distressed about what is happening to our people but smiles her pretty smile when I remind her how we brought civilization to the world and snown1ggers don’t need numbers when we’ve got strategy.



Mainstream Media has all the insight of an unpopular adolescent girl.  They have the reverse of self-awareness.  If they weren’t so arrogant I would feel bad laughing at them.

They were promised a war and now they’re not going to get it! It’s really good for you to take a break from war-mongering though MSM.  You’ve developed an addiction and are not as immune as you believe. 

I have a life long policy of refusing to snoop on people in my life. I’ve never seen it end well for people who don’t hold the same hard line.  For one thing I believe that if the trust is that low in my relationship I feel the need to snoop the relationship is beyond repair. The second is I’ve seen friends do and it’s been done to me and it never ends well. 

People who snoop find evidence of what they suspect immediately. Whether it’s true or not. Yet despite all it’s yammering MSM has yet to come up with a single shred of evidence about Russian collusion or what that even means! Certainly they’ve tried. 

Nigel Farage a well-known British statesmen publicly campaigned for Trump. Why are we not gunning for war with England?

Of course we all know zog is forever cheating and lying and corrupting.

I have faith though that the good people of American and the good people of Russia will overcome this lying menace. Because well look at them!Maddow-Fail-800x416

Here Brian Stelter airs a segment where he whines to fellow gold-star reporter to ask: “What about MEEEEEEEEE????” Only to ignore the fairly sound advice offered to him. He airs this like his personal neurosis is news to American people. Insane and unattractive.




Shellac Your Stuff UP!

I love shiny stuff. Someone or some book or some spoken authority put it in my head that the reason we like bling or jewelry or otherwise shiny stuff is that water shines in the sunlight. That the sparkle may indicate securing things like water -has encoded in our DNA. I’ve had people argue this with me and perhaps they are right. All I know is I like my world to shine and be OCD clean. Being surrounded by order makes me feel so happy. 

Reasons to make your own shellac are two-fold.  1) to understand how the world works. 2) To control the viscosity. 

Like many things in the world it is surprisingly simple. The dementors have made it difficult for profit.  Like cranberry sauce it is basically 50% to 50% rosin and denatured alcohol.


The above shows both the rosin in blocks as it comes and the bottom is what it looked like after I hit it with a wooden mallet. Not super necessary. 

    Then just pour the alcohol in a bottle and plop in the resin. Wait about 24 hours while it melters:


Here’s a sample fresh out of the oven!shellacjar

Always Always Always make sure to label all solvents or chemicals you work with even for a second. You might think you will remember what they are but it doesn’t matter. That’s why I put ye ol Skull and cross bones. This is very safe to use and make. but make sure you know the nature of any solvents and chemicals you use and never be cavalier about their use.

The solvent for this is of course denatured alcohol but the resin is so sticky I only ever use chip brushes with it bc I’m not going to spend all day cleaning out cheap brushes- but if you do use brushes- no matter what you are painting with always soak your brush thoroughly in the material’s solvent and save clean-up time by 80%


Russia did affect my vote

 No question.

I was sick to death of hearing the left’s anti-Russian xenophobic and racist spin trying to gin us up for war.



Everybody knows why you want war with Russia too. Part of your plan for the ‘greater Israel’.  You’re afraid that Russia will interfere with your plan to joyfully destroy the world with your hair-brained scheme. 

With America and Russia not ZOG headed you do have something to worry about.

How dare you have so little consideration for the people you want to kill?  You feel so safe now.Okay. Who knows what the future holds? 

How sad that I find Putin more trustworthy than most of my own elected officials?




Jew’ve Got to be kidding me!

As lots of people know there has been a terrible spate of bomb threats to jewish centers across Americthe beautiful. I didn’t really pay that much attention because like most goys, I figured nothing would come of it and we would find out it was just another ‘jew thing’.

One of the many problems with jews is they don’t understand how we goyim think but their arrogance forces them to believe that they do understand us. It’s actually easier for order to understand chaos than the other way around. Just as it is easy for an adult to understand a child.

They don’t even know how to h8 crime like we would h8 crime. If we were of the nature to. We really aren’t. One of the many things that jews don’t understand about us is that we don’t like to waste time or energy. Being hateful for hate’s sake is really not our deal. We are a compassionate and creative people. We like to spend our time making beautiful and productive things.

Still I had to laugh when I saw this donk statement: 


“There was a time, when he was sowing havoc at Jewish Community Centers around the world, that 19-year-old Israeli-American Michael Kaydar may very well have felt like the king of the world. Using technologies like Bitcoin and Google Voice, he had managed to evade international authorities, including the FBI and the Israeli police.”

That adrenaline rush came screeching to a halt Thursday, when Kaydar was arrested in connection with over 100 bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the U.S. and abroad. 

According to a Daily Beast report, online carelessness may have been responsible for Kaydar’s downfall.

Of course we know if it was a white goy like they were hoping for this would be on a 24/7 newscycle and he/she/xer would be tortured and on their way. Originally this post was accompanied by this graphic. Celebrating the Israeli’s crime.


Seriously! Celebrating and laughing at causing tremendous harm to his fellows. I am willing to give his fellow jews the benefit of the doubt that they don’t know this is an 

anti-white hate crime.

But it is a joke to them. A joke! Frightening their own children is a joke to them.

Goyim! Do you see how different our way of thinking is? We wouldn’t do this to their children much less to ours! But for them it is fun and games and a way to hurt goyim. A way to solidify their obsessive hate against the non-jew.


I have to say I disagree. There is not one murderous jewish org. that I would take over another.

So while it is super funny and whoa-wha-whee-wha King-o-da-Castle when a jew did cause real psychological harm to whites and children When normal people out of wholesome desires wanted this to be redressed with factual reporting. Well then it was considered a ‘Hate crime’.