For Crying OUT loud I coulda Hacked the DNC


“I am! I am Hackerman! And I can do anything!” 

I am so sick of these Boomer-losers(Not all) like Grandma-Hee-Haw-Hillary:


Who wants to start World War III for their demonic donors and pretend it is simply a result of their lazy jackassery of being too lazy to figure out how the interwebs are werking these days.   This woman (I use the term loosely -although I should use it dryly in her case) Fails in due diligence and wants to kill the majority of humanity so she can buy more pants-suits. Who is going to be left to stitch your speciality extra-loaded behind couture if you kill off all the commoners Hill?  I mean it is a bit more skill-based than making you a seizure-inducing chai latte.

Never addressing the absolute at best negligent failure of your own ability to understand how those wacky e-mail whatchamacallits work is not flattering.  The fact you lack the skill set to hire appropriate support staff to educate you and to delegate to- is pretty unbelievable.  The only reasonable conclusion is that this nasty woman has absolute contempt for every person that lives on this earth. 

All I can say in response is-not my fault you knowingly stayed married to a rapist.  I do believe that the contempt you hold us in will return the favor 6 billion  times over. You can only enjoy what you can build- and it’s all yours babe. Yes, we’ve got you babe (and very long memories). Yes-we’ve got your number and it will look so good on an orange jumpsuit.

  WE got you babe.






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