One of the Many things I don’t Get about POC



We all know that POC need to celebrate their culture while being in ours. Nothing seems to be of more importance to them. WHY?  No one seems to have any idea or care. This idea is held like to religious levels of super silly. Better not question it bigot or you may lose your livelihood.dearwhitepeople2

Dear Black People:

We made you your own country! How nice is that? The Beautiful Liberia

How nice is that? 



Is there any group of people in the world who have ever been as considerate of others? If so please tell me. We even gave them a constitution that not only imitated our high ideals but declared that to be a citizen of Liberia you must be negro.That is crazy generous. 

White Americans are often bashed about Native Americans. Not yet America was a rural gangland that when we arrived. They had not even invented a wheel. Srsly. But we made them reservations. Countries within our own country. We gave these conquered people extra rights.  They are allowed all the trappings of regular American citizens as well as having their own nation to practice their feathered hoping around and basket making.

PoC make it clear that we are not allowed to do anything that excludes them or doesn’t have special programs to make it easier for them- but of course they are allowed to do this. With no provisions for us.

They also consistently and constantly want to tell us how hard it is for them to be around us-because they don’t look like us. We don’t understand them and their micro-aggressions.



   I could link a million more races/cultures videos demanding that white people not only allow them in their most functional and compassionate communities in order for them to be hostile toward us




  What I don’t get is why should we care? You destroy our communities and culture !!Racism!! 

You offer nothing but discord and degradation. I’m supposed to feel bad for YOU? 


My people have the right to exist and we will. I know you are obsessed with living by us. My answer to you is –Give me a reason to care. 

What is in it for us? If you want to stay you better have a concrete answer.