Cranberries That Everyone Wants to Grab

I know we can’t admit it as a nation but cranberries are a problem. They’re part of our annual thanksgiving and yet…They can be hard to love.


Still there is no reason to turn to the can. Nothing is more important in passing down traditions than in cooking. And Cran relish is shockingly easy.

It’s basically a 2 to 1 ratio of cranberries to sugar(just don’t tell anyone-and it will seem less poisonous)important edit the 2 is the sugar and the 1 is the American Revolution Berry-so something that looks like this:



Combine in sauce pan with about two tablespoons of water for each half-cup of berries. Then while it is coming to a roiling boil:cranboil

Add about a 1/2 a teaspoon of orange zest

orange-zest and my secret trick- 1/2 a teaspoon of lime zest.

limezest (All these proportions are based on 1/2 cup of berries). The lime really knocks it back a bit.

Because there is so much sugar in it, you have to stir pretty frequently. It’s done in only 10 minutes though. 


I am not sure why but this must be served in a clear dish. Preferably one that is shaped like a bunch of grapes. Don’t ask me why bc I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I don’t currently have one bc mine has been subpoenaed by a probate lawyer I met in a dream. (Don’t ask-am not at liberty)




White Privilege

You know what White Privilege is like? It’s like you coming over to my house uninvited. Or rather you coming into my house with a key given to you by a stalker who wants to harm me. That’s beside the point though. The point is YOU are in MY house. 


Then you march straight toward my clothes closet. I stand bewildered while your niece comes waltzing in. You both start flipping through my color and type of clothing sorted closet. You ignore me and make disdainful remarks to each other along the lines of:  “Must be nice to own all these silk blouses!” “No one needs 30 skirts!” “Look at her racks of shoes!”  You pay no respect to the order or care I have taken in arranging things. Some of my choices you don’t like so you pull them off the hanger and throw them down on the floor walking on them.

You find a pair of shoes you like and try them on. Your foot is wider than mine. They don’t fit.


This enrages you. You take it off and throw it at me. WHY DO YOUR SHOES NOT FIT ME YOU BIGOT?  You scream at me.

Because they’re mine” I explain. You don’t listen though. You are busy tearing apart my closet in your rage. “HOPE PRIVILEGE!!” You wail.

This is white privilege.

I’ll use the example of Mexico although it’s just an example. It could be a member of any other nation. By nation I mean people not borders or citizenship. I love Mexico. It’s got a rich and interesting culture. You tell me I have no culture. But what then were you just trying to fit into? guada4My congress building is not painted like this.  I do appreciate the drama of it and find it exciting. That doesn’t mean that I share the aesthetic of this being in a governmental building. I like the staid and restrained in that instance. Imagine me going to Mexico and demanding that they end their Mexican privilege?  That they are evil and bad people if they do not conform to MY WISHES?

That would be so arrogant and outrageous! Yet that is what is happening to us.  The only people who can support this genocidal agenda of not allowing people their own culture in their own lands are aggressive racists. Not only do they attempt genocide against us they insist that we pay for the difficulties it brings. Their violence and destruction of our educational system. 

White people are pathologically altruistic it’s true. But even white girls get weary. This white girl is weary too.



The Bestest Part About Hillary Gassing Herself: More About Alt-Right Being Product of YT Male-Mind

I don’t think Christopher Hitchens was the first person to say women aren’t funny: 

People often tell me I am funny. It’s hard to tell though. People tell me I do a lot of things perfectly, that it is perfectly clear that I don’t. Most of the time I am doing my ‘perfect things’  I am being praised by men. With funny I do get it from lady-people too. They often add the caveat that my humor is subtle and warm. 

From my perspective my humor is defensive. I know a lot of the things I say other people will only hear if I hit them in their funny-bone. People have even told me I should do stand-up. I shrink away when they say that. I don’t ape the male style-and a lot of male comedy I don’t care for bc 90% of them are: I am a sexual failure. Okay. Whatever.


Libs can’t Meme


I wish I knew who to credit for this but I do not.


Here is HRC’s communication team when they accidentally got locked inside a bathroom. Look at that diversity. There is at least one goy-looking girl 3rd from the left. 

We know Pepe got BTFO by these “I am as man as a man women” That’s why HRC won in a land-slide.

I’d like to give some cereal historical context to what I feel is yet another example of the western mind climbing up Jacob’s ladder of DNA to the minds of young western men. Some of these young men are very aware of the historical nature others were forced into genetic memory of :  

Dank Meme

Some retards like our least favorite toy-PissDad say things like this: 

Sorry about what you did to your kids, PissDad but I am just going to leave this here: 


Rochefoucauld is the great ancestor of our own Pepe. He did it for the lulz. Just like our Meme-Magicians that just saved western culture for us and proved exactly WHY globalism is the product of a broken and doomed psychology.


The fools behind globalism believe they can do something for the first time in history, that they have never done successfully in the history of the world. Trade in humanity, as if we are just parts exchanged for parts. Just like HRC thought she could jettison the white male and do battle with them with HURR lady-hires.  Just like she thought she could appropriate the black vote.  Just like globalists think that getting rid of whites wouldn’t be the worst thing that could ever happen to them. short-sighted. 

Mother Nature has no sense of humor. She’s not in it for the lulz. She’s in it like a hormonal monster. 

So the meme magicians had to say: “Some globalists you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last election. Which is the way he wants it. Well he gets it! I don’t like it any more than you globalists” 



  Passion makes idiots of the cleverest men, and makes the biggest idiots clever. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Globalists can strive and try and hope and copy. It doesn’t matter. It cannot be faked. What they want is only ours. Our beauty and our architecture doesn’t exist without us anymore than HRC can bantz.  No one can build what is not inside them already. We’ve already won.

Time for the globalists to stop asking for our endorsement and start asking for our mercy.  At this point we are not able to comment on that.