Atheism Is Untenable: Lollertheists

If there is one thing that is easy to point to in this world it is that despite what narcissists like this one complain about in his whiny voice :

This f@ggots navel-gazing is not a legitimate world-view.  It’s clear as well that he has right of return.  A Sam Harris fan.  Srsly.  A Sam Harris fan.  Let that sink in for half a moment.   One of the most retarded thinkers of all time.  I honestly think this poster is not as stupid as Harris, but compromised by fake-semitic-tribalism. It happens. What are you going to do? 

The basic premise of atheism is “If I don’t understand it; it does not exist”. Seriously! How retarded is that? Do you understand fag-hag how dogs smell? Nope. You don’t. Do you understand how bees see? No. Do Bees not exist then?  Trust me from your videos you don’t understand women either, and yet still we exist.

Sam Harris famously said that all Gods are false but the jewish god-which Mr. Harris so happens to be of that DNA bc jewish God the best god bc it is so flexible.  FFS Cannot make this stuff up.  Whiny little Harris b1tch cannot even substantively argue against giant Waterbuffalo named Janky from the genocidal Young Turks.

Watch from 2:35 to @ 7:30 I had to stop listening to the b1tch whine. So groace-  where retard butt-hurt Harris cries about his offensive baloney. OH but! he has written about spirituality!  This spoiled cry baby has the neve to cry about people not liking him! Just bc he is retarded!  OH jew doesn’t want people to steal his time? Does this sound familiar! Submit Goy-we will kill YOU!

The reality is-faith and religion always exist. If you understand it or not. There is no society that exists without faith. Religion is the structure that protects us from the forces that can lead one into lack of functioning. Just as educational systems fail at times- so do religious institutions. Does that mean we throw out government? NO!

Religion is the structure of the soul. It is not perfect. It is not broken. It is a human expression corralling the divine. Not an easy task.  Athiests are spiritual toddlers. They will always be lost. They will always be adrift.  Cut them no quarter. They deserve their fate.  Their attack on logic and their attack on wholesomeness-their attack on women and their attack on men- their attack on children for their own masturbatory and evil agenda. Cut them out of your life and give them no quarter. They are nothing but smug waste.






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