The Virgin Insults


So there was some twitter alt-right melt down. (I am not alt-right I am paranoid fringe- don’t ask me how to join this elite Bewegung- you don’t find paranoia-like it’s so easy to be Paranoidiallumanti No it finds you- if it hasn’t yet meditate more and study the Runes).

What I saw was a young woman posting a nice hair-style thing, which other girlie-peopled xx’ers tend to enjoy. It’s kind a natural thing. We like to share hair and outfits and recipes. I don’t like the cheesy babes in bikinis or look at my boobies posts. I think they are diseased. What I saw was not one of those at all though.

Then an unkind reaction from a few male people. One chimed into to note that there are not a lot of places for non-pc women to talk. I thought that was pro-female.  But other than that-it felt bad man.


But then it got worse. Women naturally wanted to defend the innocent picture but several started blasting very vulgar insults about virgins-basements-losers. Which just is the other side of the coin of ‘slut-shaming’ and is very anti-female. Telling men that they must have a ‘high body-count’ to be men is crude and porny. So men should just go stick themselves into women they don’t love for status?  How is that pro-female?

How is that even an argument? How is that just not busted-out reverse porno-encouragement? People should not be shamed and humiliated for their sexuality is my sincere opinion. How can women seriously think that they have any moral ground to stand on when they start being aggressively and sexually vulgar? 


Men-especially huWhite men have been under attack since the day they were born about their masculinity. Women have fought for respect for their own sexuality and received it-but too many don’t seem to want to return the favor.

Then when I see those that were abusive toward men be so entitled that after shaming men for not having a ‘high-enough body-count’ still seem to think they are on a moral high-ground bc vag. I have to say I disagree. Strongly. It’s really not okay.





2 thoughts on “The Virgin Insults

  1. Hard to pity the misogynist who “started it.” I certainly wouldn’t pity an SJW who approached a man on twitter minding his own business, insulted him, then got called fat or ugly in return.

    You seem like one of those right-wing women who tries to get attention for being twee and antifeminist. It looks desperate and sad!


    1. You know I don’t know the complete history behind the drama. I did come to the defense of the girl I saw being maligned. My sympathy is with her.

      The word ‘misogynist’ has lost a lot of its meaning for me. There are real misogynists but the word is thrown around so much I am skeptical.

      If I was after attention I would post personal pictures of myself on this blog. That is pretty much the only reason I don’t. I don’t want that kind of attention but am not afraid of being linked to my non-mainstream views as everyone who knows me in real life knows how I feel.

      Women deserve compassion. Men deserve compassion. We are all subject to biological imperatives that have legitimate reasons but feel like uncontrollable forces at work against us at times.

      I believe in cöoperation w/ nature. If that makes me desperate and sad- so be it. For a desperate and sad person- I am pretty happy most of the time. So there is that.

      Have a great day, my new friend!

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