Understanding the Alt-Right Means Understanding Why the Western Mind Matters

Søren Kierkegaard

“The same thing happened to me that, according to legend, happened to Parmeniscus, who in the Trophonean cave lost the ability to laugh but acquired it again on the island of Delos upon seeing a shapeless block that was said to be the image of the goddess Leto. When I was very young, I forgot in the Trophonean cave how to laugh; when I became an adult, when I opened my eyes and saw actuality, then I started to laugh and have never stopped laughing since that time. I saw that the meaning of life was to make a living, its goal to be- come a councilor, that the rich delight of love was to acquire a well-to-do girl, that the blessedness of friendship was to help each other in financial difficulties, that wisdom was whatever the majority assumed it to be, that enthusiasm was to give a speech, that courage was to risk being fined ten dollars, that cordiality was to say “May it do you good” after a meal, that piety was to go to communion once a year. This I saw, and I laughed.” 

                                Tøp Kek 

                                          Sørgen Kierkegaard


It has been HI-larious to see the nasty lügenpresse try to cover the alt-right. I don’t know if their ridiculousness comes from not understanding it asit is a product of the western mind and as we all know most of what tries to pass for journalism, does not come from a western point of view, but rather semitic perspectivePerhaps they are being so ham-fisted because they are trying their old tactic of hoping to confuse their listeners rather than inform them.

I cannot say I care either way. I don’t know a single person who has a shred of trust in the main stream media or sees them as a news source. I am sure the parents of the storytellers are quite proud of them and think they are doing a good job,but does anyone else who is under 85?

I am not a spokesperson for the alt-right,although I am a sympathizer. If the ‘alt-right’ decides to formalize tenets I will disavow them all because that is the road to ruin. There is a wide breadth of folk who have withdrawn their polite indulgence of those that wish to destroy us. Which they should bloody well be grateful for because YT (and by yt I mean gentile yt esp. those of NW Euro descent) is the bulwark staving off the hell which will result for all peoples without us.

People have been brain-fatigued by constant repetition of this false notion that somehow Europeans walk upon magic dirt. This is an absolute lie. People have been brain-fatigued by constant repetition that race is skin deep. Somehow we have escaped what no other living organism has-chiefly not to be directly influenced by the geography and weather that our respective races developed in for tens of thousands of years. Every flower-every grass- every insect and animal has developed with seasons and soil except humans?  Makesa No Sensa hey!

You can’t plant a tulip in a desert any more than you can plant one in February and expect it to bloom in October.

Recognizing differences isn’t a valuation crime. It’s actually the first step toward the most humane solutions. Sure everyone has their unique experiences and points of view. However there is a degree of material reality we have to agree upon to meet the most needs of the most people we can. This is the most compassionate view one can take.

Tabula Rasa was disproven forever ago. All one has to do is open their eyes and ears and look at the dense populations of Latinos that Americans have lost their cities to- and see they look a lot like Latin America-only slightly better but not in communion with white towns. The same can be said of black neighborhoods -they look like Africa only much better. It follows in every race- culture is an expression of biology. That is exactly why immigrants want into white communities-for the express purpose of appropriating our culture.

Because our communities are the most orderly and compassionate. We are the least corrupt and cruel. I am not saying we are not capable of cruelty nor am I saying we are not capable of corruption. Of course we are-there are some awful-awful white people-like Hillary Clinton- who cares more about buying more what? I mean after a certain point how much can money matter? Once you have your needs met? Idk I heard her grandmother was a nightmare and I think like the bad seed it skipped a generation with her.

Hills as her young ugly child-demon -self. So sad. I think her mother was a good person. Her mother did not deserve this:


I am trying to cover too much in this one post so I will stop for now. I am not writing this for the already alt-enlightened  as much as I am writing this for the n00b. If you are a n00b,pls. rest assured I am not approaching this from a superior position. I was after all for many years more than a self-proclaimed feminist,an active half-awake in feel-goods that did real harm. It wasn’t my intention,but intentions aren’t as important as outcomes. I have no moral high-ground.

This is my first real post on this blog. There is a lot to ‘unpack’ as they virtue signalers like to say. My arguments are sound, and I will take the time to lay them out carefully. If readers have the patience,they will see that not only are the alt-righters not h8ful but are the most thoughtful and compassionate group of folk treading this here e-Arth.























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