Meeting the Alt-Right

Was a surprise.


I can’t say it was unwelcome. I remember the night before it happened, I fell asleep with the thought that I needed to be around people who thought more like me. I live in a close-minded, emotionally-laden echo chamber, where all the fat and uglies fight for the biggest slice of victimhood cake. Which okay-whatever-could they be more boring?

I am not being completely honest because I also know a fair amount of very successful people- but they tend to be men and the current cultural climate is that they should be sorry for all the technology they are oppressing us weaklings with. I mean civilization and all is so sucky and life would be so much better w/o medicine or wheels. Effing men! First they make wheels and then fire and then combustion engines! Foul. I would much prefer to live in a goddess society where bosoms are the only spare tires around.






But this perhaps Goddess figurine or perhaps fossilized tuber is somehow better than western culture?  But you’ve seen western culture right? thereisreall


This picture doesn’t even do us justice. We’re super cute. Supposedly when northern Europeans were  enslaved by the Romans- we were classified as ‘angels’  because physiognomy  is real. I also know I am conflating cultures atm bc Romans are western culture and being enslaved by them was often better than being the so-called middle-class of today,

I think that may be why everyone else hates us so much and spends all their time being jelly, while insisting entrance into our communities. Who can say?

All I know is the alt-right, a movement that I can’t define and is intrinsically indefinable, bc it’s core is humanity in nature. It’s core is ‘you can believe your eyes and your instincts’. Of course that will have variation within the individual-so it is indefinable.

Which is super fun to watch the traitorous neo-con dual-citizenship beasts hue and cry about.

The other absolutely glorious thing about the alt-right is how beautifully male it is. I don’t mean that in a humpilastic way at all. Of course men are beautiful and inspiring. Many of us have grown-up under the oppression of feminismWe have been forced to suffer under the likes of Julie Bindel and Andrea Dworkin who want to kill everything heroic or even worthwhile in the world.

Being denied the beauty of our men is so harmful, and of course the reason cultural marxists attack masculinity. It leaves us vulnerable and exploitable. In the alt-right there is hope. There is the evidence of the best of our men. They are funny and smart and have the best aim. We are going to be okay despite the wishes of the evils.

Granted, I don’t always get it, and granted I am often awkward,hormonal, or embarrassingly (at least for me-girly). I try to not be a spazwit-I don’t always succeed. I have even observed people w/in the alt-right accuse me of internalized misogyny. See how pozzed this clown world is?

Let’s pretend this is not a non-sequitur:  everything reduces to the frequency for me, Kenneth. There is something so profound about the vibrations that we interpret as noise. I wish I could tell you what it was-or maybe I don’t wish. As Jesus famously said, “You can’t handle the truth!” . As far as I can tell-the alt-right is pitch perfect.

So- I dedicate this song on radio Hope and Hateful to them:







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